SG-400 Online Box Checkweigher for 10kg Conveyor Check Weigher System

The online box checkweigher can check the weight of packaged products online, and by including high-precision weight inspection function in the production line, your product quality can be improved without reducing efficiency. The conveyor check weigher system can work continuously and automatically reject unqualified products.

Quantitative Industrial Checkweigher Roller Conveyor With USB Output

The industrial checkweigher is equipped with advanced sensors and weighing sensors, equipped with an ultra fast processor, with excellent accuracy and speed. The touch screen operating system is easy to use and comes with user password protection. The quantitative automatic checkweigher has a flexible modular structure, with a complete machine made of 304 stainless steel and a detachable belt that is easy to disassemble for cleaning and setting.

SG-450 Large Range Industrial Check Weigher Roller Checkweigher Sorting

The packaged products pass the large range industrial checkweigher weighing test, the qualified ones will be sent back to the original conveyor belt, the unqualified ones will be rejected (or alarm shutdown), and it has the functions of classifying and counting the products according to the settings. The automatic roller check weigher uses fast weight collection and easy integration of existing transmission equipment to check the integrity of packaged products and improve product quality.

Professional Industrial Check Weigher Carton Heavy Products Checkweigher Price

Professional industrial check weigher is suitable for checking the weight of various products, overweight and underweight products will be removed, and qualified products will be transferred to the next equipment. Auto carton heavy products checkweighers are a low-cost, economical solution suitable for fast and accurate weighing scale applications.

50kg Large Volume Industrial Dynamic Checkweigher Wide Range Box Automatic Check Weigher System with Platform Supplier Price

The wide range industrial checkweigher can provide an accurate online weighing inspection plan for various sizes and types of packaging, with a weight range of up to 50 kilograms. The box automatic check weigher system is designed for a fully automatic packaging line. When overweight or ultra-light products are found, the unqualified products are automatically removed and an alarm is given, and the screen will display the weight.

Screw Small Package Mini Checkweigher Hardware Industry Weight Checker

Small package mini checkweighers are machines designed specifically to provide high precision and speed in weighing extremely light parts or weighing processes. The mini checkweigher for hardware industry  is very suitable as an entry-level machine, which can weigh products at a speed of 150 pieces per minute. Modular standard machines are designed for ease of use and perform dynamic weighing in a simple and accurate manner.

SG-300U Industrial Check Weigher System 3000g Dynamic Checkweigher Price

The industrial check weigher systems developed by Shanghai Shigan Production adopts advanced weighing technology and adopts a minimalist design method, which is cost-effective and ensures stable and reliable weighing accuracy and speed. The dynamic checkweigher solution can detect unqualified products that are overweight or underweight in the production line in real-time and online. Dedicated 10 inch TFT color LCD screen display, with a beautiful and simple operating interface. 

Automatic Boxed Industrial Checkweigher with Rejection System Manufacturer

The boxed industrial checkweigher is an automatic weighing equipment widely used in industrial production lines. Its main function is to weigh products during the dynamic production process to check whether they meet the specified weight standards. Through real-time online detection, automatic checkweigher with rejection can effectively save labor and material costs, reduce human errors, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality.

High Speed Small Pouch Weight Inspection Balance Checkweigher for Industrial

The balance checkweigher for industrial model is a small weighing scale designed to help immediately control the weight of products in the production line and meet the needs of factories with small installation space. The high speed small pouch checkweigher is convenient to use, not complicated, and has high accuracy. You can immediately check the weight and classify the products.

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