Digital Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical Bulk Powders Dropped Metal Detector

The metal detector for pharmaceutical powders is a highly sensitive metal detection system specifically designed to detect and remove all metal pollutants in powder or particle products. The signal detection circuit fusion technology used in vertical digital metal detectors has ultra-high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and strong impact resistance.

Granular Capsule Tablet Pill Metal Detector Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

The capsule tablet pill metal detector can identify various magnetic and non-magnetic metals (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), and is mainly used for metal detection before packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical metal detector can detect solid state such as tablets, soft and hard capsules, and pills. For pharmaceuticals, even tiny metals embedded in products can be detected and identified.

Health Capsule Tabelt Pill Metal Detector Machine Economic Metal Detection Machine for Mass Production

Capsule tabelt pill metal detector machine is a specialized equipment used to detect metal impurities in capsule products. It usually consists of metal detectors, conveyor belts, control systems, and other components. During use, the capsule is fed into a metal detector through a conveyor belt, which detects whether there is any metal substance inside the capsule. If metal is detected, the detector sends a signal and processes it through a control system to achieve quality control of the capsule product.

High Sensitivity Boxed Medicine Metal Detection Machine Digital Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Price

The digital metal detector for pharmaceutical adopts advanced digital processing technology, which can simultaneously detect both magnetic and non magnetic metals in the product, and the sensitivity can be adjusted separately. The high sensitivity box metal detector has an audible and visual alarm function, as well as automatic troubleshooting, stopping, and rewinding functions. It has a user-friendly menu and a touch screen for easy operation.

Aluminum Foil Medicine Metal Detector Pharmaceutical Metal Detection

Pharmaceutical medicine metal detector is a high-precision detection equipment mainly used to detect metal impurities in materials such as aluminum foil and plastic film. This digital aluminum foil metal detector adopts advanced metal detection technology, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high stability, and easy operation.

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