High Accuracy Vertical Digital Metal Detecor For Granular Powder Materials Intelligent Falling Metal Detection Machine

The high accuracy digital metal detector adopts advanced digital technology and carefully developed imported chips, with high detection accuracy and stable performance. The vertical granular powder metal detecor adopts a dialogue type LCD display screen, with a simple and friendly operating interface, which can ensure extremely high detection accuracy with one setting.

Sugar Cookies Metal Detector With Light And Sound Alarms Stabel Anti-seismic Food Metal Detector System Cheap Price

Digital metal detector with light and sound alarms adopts advanced electrical and mechanism design technology, with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high detection sensitivity and stable performance. The food metal detector system has extremely high stability and the ability to eliminate product effects, and can work stably for a long time. It is specially designed for harsh production environments with strong vibration and high interference.

Loose Tablet Capsule Digital Metal Detecor High Sensitivity Vertical Metal Detection Machine with Automatic Removal

Digital tablet capsule metal detectors can detect magnetic and non magnetic metal impurities, even if the metal is embedded in the product. The high sensitivity vertical metal detecor is fully digitized and intelligent through the integration of DSP and microcontroller, achieving highly intelligent operation and use, excellent performance, simplicity and ease of use, and improving production efficiency.

70g Pet Food Sachet Metal Detector Intelligent Production Line Digital Metal Detection Machine Manufacturer Price

Pet food sachet metal detectors are intelligent metal detection equipment developed using digital intelligent technology, achieving full digitalization and intelligence of metal detection technology, excellent performance, and simple operation. The intelligent digital metal detector can automatically set the detection parameters of specified products and store 50 product parameters.

Pharmaceutical Pills Capsule Vertical Metal Detector With Automatic Rejector High-precision Customization Metal Detector

The pills capsule vertical metal detector adopts the intelligent LCD display system, which can easily and quickly set the detection parameters. The structure design of the whole machine is simple, firm and stable. High-precision metal detector system adopts a stainless steel frame with strong shockproof and anti-interference ability. The metal detector adopts advanced processing technology and standardized inspection process, and the product has high detection sensitivity and stable performance.

Digital Metal Detector for Boxed Mooncakes and Pastries Food Industry Conveyor Belt Metal Detection Machine Factory

The box digital metal detector can detect metal objects such as iron and non iron, and its sensitivity can be adjusted separately. It has a memory function and can store 10 types of detection materials. The metal detector for food industry has an audible and visual alarm function, as well as automatic troubleshooting, stopping, and rewinding functions. It has a user-friendly menu and a touch screen for easy operation.

Biscuit Electronic Conveyor Belt Metal Detector Food High-precision Metal Detection Machine With Automatic Removal

This food metal detection machine is made using advanced technology from similar products in Japan and the UK, greatly improving detection sensitivity and interference ability. Electronic conveyor belt metal detector can detect all common metal foreign objects in food, cosmetics, and plastic products, and is highly praised by users. High-precision metal detection machine can meet high detection requirements and has a relatively low price, making it a highly practical machine.

Bottled Pickled Vegetables Checkweigher and Metal Detector Combo Economic Food Weighing Metal Detection Machine

The special design on the structure of the pickled vegetables checkweigher and metal detector combo can effectively avoid external factors such as vibration, noise, and product effects. The food checkweigher and metal detector has high detection sensitivity and good stability. Multiple removal devices are available to choose from to avoid non-conforming products leaving the factory.

Aluminum Foil Plastic Bag Waffles Metal Detection Machine Food Industry Dynamic Automatic Metal Detetcor Supply Iran

The food industry digital metal detector has extremely high stability and the ability to eliminate product effects. Dynamic automatic metal detetcor can automatically analyze the signal characteristics of the product, set the detection parameters of the specified product, simplify the parameter setting process, and automatically store 50 product parameters. Highly intelligent operation, excellent performance, easy to use, and improved production efficiency.

200g Yogurt Liquid Food Industry Metal Detector Bottled High-precision Metal Detector With 304 Stainless Steel Cheap Price

The liquid food industry metal detector adopts a unique metal foreign object detection method, with multiple detection algorithms running at the same time, high detection accuracy, good reliability and strong anti-interference ability; The high-precision bottled metal detector is applicable to a wide range of dry, wet and high-salt products, and can achieve good detection results; Full-sealed design, protection grade up to IP66, dustproof and waterproof.

Granule Powder Vertical Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical High-precision Capsule Tablet Metal Detector Price

The vertical metal detector for pharmaceutical adopts intelligent recognition technology, with self-learning and memory functions, good detection effect, and is equipped with an anti-interference system to reduce the impact of other factors. High-precision capsule tablet metal detector is entirely made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and has high detection sensitivity. It can detect Fe ≥ 0.7mm NOfe ≥ 1.0mm and Sus304 ≥ 1.5mm.

Assembly Line Freeze-dried Fruit Food Metal Detector Conveyor Belt Digital Metal Detector With Rejection Manuafacturer

The assembly line food metal detector can detect metal objects such as iron and non iron, and its sensitivity can be adjusted separately. It has a memory function and can store 10 types of detection materials. The digital metal detector with rejection has the sound and light alarm function, and has the functions of automatic removal, stop, rewind, humanized menu, and convenient touch screen operation.

Digital Cheap Industrial Metal Detectors for Food Waterproof Intelligent Dynamic Metal Detection Machine Price

The intelligent dynamic metal detector adopts intelligent recognition technology, has self-learning and memory functions, and has good detection effects. It is equipped with an anti-interference system to reduce the impact of other factors. The food industrial metal detector can continuously work up to 1 million times, and is strong and durable, with a shockproof and waterproof design, which can adapt to harsh working environments.

Fruit Cherry Digital Intelligent Metal Detector For Food High Sensitivity Stable Metal Detector German Factory Price

The transportable digital intelligent metal detector is an intelligent metal detection equipment developed by using digital intelligent technology. The high sensitivity metal detector for food is used to detect metal scraps, broken needles, iron wires, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metal impurities that are mixed or lost in raw materials or products. Excellent performance and simple operation improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

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