High Sensitivity Metal Detector for Chemical Light Industry for Sale

The special induction design of the probe part of the metal detector for chemical light industry greatly improves the sensitivity and anti-interference ability of the instrument. When a trace of metal is detected, the sound, light, and instrument will alarm simultaneously, and unqualified products will automatically stop in the state. The entire high sensitivity metal detector is made of industrial stainless steel, waterproof, rust proof, hygienic, and easy to clean.

Laundry Liquid Pipeline Metal Detector for Industrial Metal Detection

Digital metal detector for industrial is a highly sensitive detection equipment mainly used to detect metal impurities mixed in fluid media. This auto pipeline liquid metal detector adopts advanced magnetic induction technology, which can quickly and accurately detect various metal impurities, ensuring the quality and safety of the product. The pipeline liquid metal detection machine has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong adaptability, and good stability.

Chemical Industry Climbing Metal detector Machine Raw Material Conveyor Belt Metal detection Machine

The body of the chemical industry climbing metal detector in the chemical industry is made of all stainless steel 304 brushed, and the conveyor belt is made of white non-toxic food grade PU special conveyor belt that meets the US FDA standard. The digital conveyor belt metal detection machine adopts a dual high-speed digital signal processor design, which has high detection accuracy and high-speed processing speed, and has product effect adjustment function.

Feed Heavy Duty Package Product Metal Detector Alarm And Light Digital Belt Metal Detector Supplier Price Pakistan

The feed heavy duty metal detector adopts advanced digital processing technology, which can simultaneously detect the magnetic and non-magnetic metals in the product. Color touch screen facilitates human-computer interaction. The alarm and light digital metal detector has high detection sensitivity and good stability. Various removal devices can be selected to avoid residual metal in the product during production.

Large Load Heavy Carton Metal Detection Machine Industrial Metal Detector

The large load industrial metal detector is carefully developed using advanced digital technology and imported chips, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy and stable performance; The digital heavy carton metal detection machine can work up to 1 million times continuously, is strong and durable, with shockproof and waterproof design, and can adapt to harsh working environments.

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