Gum Food Particle Weight Inspection Check Weigher Thin Product High Speed Quantity Counting Weight Cheker China Supply

The food weight inspection check weigher confirms the extensive professional knowledge accumulated by the company in weighing technology over the years. By incorporating high-precision weight inspection functions in the production line, your product quality can be improved without reducing efficiency. This high speed particle check weigher provides comprehensive functionality for handling different products and combines new features to meet modern needs.

Pharmaceutical Online Capsule Checkweigher Automatic Weight Checker Price

Online capsule tablet checkweigher is a specialized equipment used to detect the weight of capsule formulations, which has the characteristics of high speed and precision. Pharmaceutical checkweigher adopts multiple national patented technologies, including a unique skateboard weighing structure, which can achieve high-speed, high-precision weight inspection with 7200 particles/minute and an accuracy of 0.5mg, and eliminate unqualified products

High Precision Capsule Tablet Sampling Checkweigher Pharmaceutical Retest Checking Weight for Pill Particle

The capsule tablet sampling checkweigher can achieve high-speed detection and eliminate unqualified products, ensuring that the product quality on the production line always meets the standards. The high precision pharmaceutical check weigher is suitable for capsules of various sizes, without the need for mold replacement, to meet different production needs. The capsule tablet sampling checkweigher can be connected to equipment such as capsule filling machines and tablet presses to achieve automated production.

Hollow Capsule Dynamic Weight Detection Checkweigher for Pharmaceutical

The design of the dynamic hollow capsule checkweigher is reasonable, with very few equipment failure points, convenient use, simple operation and maintenance, and low maintenance costs in the later stage; The human-machine interface of the pharmaceutical automatic checkweigher synchronously displays the weight value of each channel, and visually displays the qualification of the current channel product in the form of green and red histograms, making the detection process more intuitive;

Automatically Reject Capsule Tablet Sample Check Weigher Inline Checkweigher

The automatic capsule tablet sample check weigher is equipped with advanced sensors and precision weighing technology, which can accurately measure the weight of individual capsules and tablets at high speed and accuracy, quickly identify and remove any products that do not meet the specified weight requirements. The inline capsule tablet sample checkweigher can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines, providing real-time weight data and enabling real-time adjustments to the manufacturing process.

20mg Intelligent Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Capsule Tablet Sample Check Weigher

The capsule tablet sample check weigher mainly uses high-precision weighing sensors to weigh capsule medicines, and then processes and analyzes the data through control software to achieve functions such as sampling and classification of capsule medicines. The intelligent pharmaceutical checkweigher has the characteristics of automation, high accuracy, and good stability, which can improve the production efficiency and quality of capsule medicines.

High Performance Ten-Lane Capsule Checkweigher Efficient Pharmaceutical Inline Production Check Weigher

The high performance ten-lane capsule checkweigher series can accurately classify the weight of each capsule one by one. Capsules will be divided into qualified and unqualified parts based on pre-set standards, and data statistical reports will be printed simultaneously. The integrated design ensures extremely high productivity and maximizes drug safety. In addition, the pharmaceutical inline production check weigher is impressive due to its high production growth and comprehensive record of production batches.

2mg Automatic Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Sample Checkweigher for Pills Tablets and Capsules Factory

Sample checkweigher for pills tablets and capsules are used to check for differences in the amount of capsules and to eliminate non-conforming products. The capsule weighing scale has high flexibility and can check the capsule dosage of various types of capsules without changing the mold; It can also be used for weighing and grading hollow capsules. 

High Precision Capsule Sample Checkweigher Inline Checkweigher System for Pharmaceutical

High precision capsule sample checkweigher is a specialized equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly used for sampling, weighing, and classifying capsule and tablet. Strict quality control is required during the production process of capsule and tablet to ensure the quality and safety of the drugs. Inline checkweigher system for pharmaceutical can help enterprises achieve rapid, accurate, and efficient detection and classification of capsule and tablet, improve production efficiency, and ensure drug quality.

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